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Advanced Grow Labs:

Sativum OB French Toast Cookie 3329 (Sativa):
$18.00/ Single Cookie, 40mg of THC per cookie

Hybridol V 23.21 3360 SC (Hybrid):
$38.00/ 3.5 grams of Second Cut Flower

“Second cut” is a result of breaking up the dried flower
to a more refined product, ideal for vaporization or rolling in paper.


Amethyst T20% I 3442 (Indica):
$35.00/ 3.5 grams or $65.00/ 7 grams

Citron T29% S 3425 Pre-Rolls (Sativa):
$24.00/ 3 Pre-Rolled Cones
*1.5 grams per 3 pre-rolled cones


Biscay T87 3597 (Soft Concentrate (Sativa):
$70.00/ 1 gram

CT Pharmaceutical Solutions:

Fioraden D T88 3520 CS (Hard Concentrate (Indica):
$44.00/ ½ gram