New Delivery!

Advanced Grow Labs:
Arriving Thursday (1/18) afternoon

Indicol C 30.39 4309 (Indica):
$48.00/ 3.5 grams or $90.00/ 7 grams
THC-A: 29.95%, THC: 0.44%, CBG-A: 1.14%

Hybridol J SH 87.49 4087 (Hard Concentrate) (Hybrid):
$44.00/ ½ gram
THC-A: 85.26%, THC: 2.23%,
CBG-A: 1.23%, CBG: 0.58%

Hybridol Q VPen 300 4307 –

Join Our Free MMJ Cooking Class! Sign Up Details Inside…

Interested in learning how to make infused edibles at home?

Curaleaf will be conducting a cooking class demonstration at our dispensary on Wednesday, June 24th at 6pm.

The menu will include the following treats:

  • Bruschetta with Olive Oil
  • Popcorn with Coconut Butter
  • “Bulletproof” Coffee with Butter or Coconut Oil
  • Pesto with Olive Oil


The Wait is Over… SALES START TODAY!

Sales Starting Today!


Prime Wellness has received our first inventory of product offerings from Theraplant and will be able to honor our planned commencement of sales starting today, September 23, 2014.

Theraplant has made medical cannabis available in three different product forms with three different strain offerings. Please note: All PRICES INCLUDE CT SALES TAX.

“Rep. Aman Attends the Grand Opening of Prime Wellness Connecticut” – CT House Republicans

More media coverage after our Grand Opening – See below for an excerpt from an article featured on Connecticut House Republican’s website.

“Any concerns that I had about this kind of facility were completely alleviated by the amount of security and its employee’s dedication to the security,” Aman said.  “I believe that Prime Wellness can strengthen us economically and that it will help Connecticut patients.”

After the ribbon cutting,

“Connecticut’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finally Opens” – New England Journal of Cannabis

Another great article covering our Grand Opening event!

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT — The first medical marijuana dispensary in Connecticut has finally opened, although patients will need to wait for another month before having access to cannabis.

The operators of Prime Wellness of Connecticut decided to open the doors before the first harvest of marijuana was ready in order to  give patients the opportunity to meet staff and growers as well as register and become familiar with the dispensary.

“Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in South Windsor” – Hartford Courant

Great article in the Hartford Courant covering PWCT’s mission, process, product offerings and more.

“Our mission is to offer a safe, clean environment for patients to have medical cannabis,” said Sicklick. Sicklick wants to assure the public that Prime Wellness of Connecticut is not much different from a pharmacy and is a practice that will be taken seriously.

You’re Invited to our GRAND OPENING!

On Friday, PWCT newsletter subscribers were sent an email invitation to our Grand Opening, happening August 20th from 6-8pm. If you haven’t yet signed up to receive updates from us, don’t worry – you’re still invited! (If you’re a subscriber and didn’t get your invite, check your spam folder.) For further details about the event,

We’re Hiring! Pharmacy Technician

Prime Wellness of Connecticut is seeking applications for a Pharmacy Technician position. The Technician will perform many tasks in the dispensary, including order entry, ringing out customer orders, and filling orders, along with various tasks assigned by the Dispensary Manager and/or Staff Pharmacist.

Must be licensed by the state of Connecticut within the past 5 years and in good standing.